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How much happiness?

Calpe Swing Fiesta was even better this year than last. I saw a lot of the same wonderful people I met last year and met some more fantastic people as well! There was plenty of dancing, fabulous classes by Bic and Simone, Jessica and Nils, Marie and Hasse, Ryan and Jenia, and Trisha Sewell. The bountiful buffets presented three times a day continued to be a highlight, not least because they were a great opportunity to get to know other dancers. The dessert bar was also a focus this year with the macaroons topped with dark chocolate winning my award for favorite dessert. We had a chocolate fountain one night, which I enjoyed immensely!

It was a joy to have Tess Salinas Crabtree, whom I met in Hong Kong dancing about 10 years ago, as a roommate this year. Tess brought a lot of joy to the event, and we had fun! She is so friendly and outgoing that I think I met more people because she was there. She has several other friends she is planning to bring next year.

We met a lady from Ireland who didn’t know about our group, but happened to be staying at the hotel. She is a great dancer of Ceroc, which I had not heard of before but apparently, it is really popular in the UK and Ireland. She signed up for our weekend and caught on really quickly and I enjoyed dancing with her and going for an outing for shopping and drinks. Jackie is planning to return next year, too.

There was the trip to the Mandala Bar where we danced next to the beach. I enjoyed my spa session with Tess and Catherine this year, much better than doing it on my own. We swam in the warm pool, enjoyed the jacuzzi jets, endured the sauna. Catherine got most of the way in the polar plunge, but I stuck one foot in and said, “Hell, No!” It was cold! I have, however, promised Trisha I will do it with her next year, so watch out!

I did several things I didn’t get to last year, including riding the tourist tram (which was quite nice, actually, and only about 4 bucks), actually swimming in the Mediterranean Sea, and drinking some gin and tonics. About the sea, I had been hearing all my British friends talk about how warm the sea was, but when I got there and stuck my feet in, I thought “this is really cold!” I guess “warm” is a relative term and for someone used to the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, it is not the same experience as it is to someone used to the North Sea.

I did repeat some cherished experiences, too, like the walk up “The Rock” for spectacular views and a lovely dance with Ryan Francois, as well as so many other lovely dances! I said to one of my partners one evening, “How much happiness can I bear?” Quite a lot, it turns out.

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